Customer experiences about Bene Statera!®treatment

Customer survey

Customer survey Bene Statera! ® – Finnish Traditional Healing (Mobilizing Massage), 9 therapists across Finland, participated.
Trainer Tarja Tirkkonen; respondents 118 in Finland, 12 in Puerto de la Cruz = 130 responses.
All therapists trained by Tarja Tirkkonen, a total of 258 replies.

1.How did the therapist receive you as a customer?4.924.70
2. What impression did you get from the treatment centre?4.674.46
3. How did the initial care arrangements for the treatment go?4.734.62
4. How well did the treatment you received fit for your needs?4.674.55
5. How did you find out the cause of your trouble?4,334.14
6. How precisely was the therapist able to explain to you the cause of your trouble?4.344.20
7. Evaluation of the therapist’s professionalism/knowledge4.894.60
8. Evaluation of the trust created by the therapist4.934.65
9. How adequate were the instructions given to you for follow-up care?4.904,33
10. How adequate were the instructions given to you for prevention of your trouble?4.214.19

5=excellent   4=good   3=satisfactory   2=weak 1=poor

Verbal feedback:

"There is always a good and warm atmosphere in therapy, and it is relaxed."

“I will give roses: Wonderful, professional, continually self-developing/educating therapist who knows her work."

"The therapist is an expert in her field."

“A person is received and treated as a whole, taking into account the well-being and the life situation."

”Thousands of roses.”

“I have always left with a good and relaxed feeling."

"I can recommend. The treatment works and the service is good. A functional and positive package."