Experience a memorable stay at Aurora Hut® in Kuopio.

The urban nature destination Aurora Hut® raises ecological tourism to a premium level. Unique accommodation next to nature, but right next to the city.

Now you have the opportunity to customize your own experience at the Hut located in Kuopionlahti.

What do you want to experience at Aurora Hut?

  • Spending quality time with my spouse
  • Updating the news with a friend
  • Own time in the blue autumn sky, listening to thoughts
  • Wedding night
  • Wedding anniversary
  • The night of the birthday party
  • City experience at a concert or dining in great restaurants, staying at the Hut

At Aurora Hut, you stay in nature - without compromising on comfort Aurora Hut ® is a new, innovative way to spend the night

  • 12-cornered four-season igloo boat™ with glass walls and roof.
  • Ecological premium accommodation for 2 people at the edge of nature experiences.
  • Living room with a view, double bed, kitchen, pantry, composting toilet, hatch in the floor.
  • Operating electricity with solar and biofuel cells, heating with renewable fuel.
  • Antibacterial surfaces, the space can also be ozonated.
  • The accommodation includes a rich breakfast, which is delivered upon arrival.
  • In addition, you can order an evening snack and the Feeling good treatment.

Special requests are taken into account.

Clean and trained dogs are also welcome at the Hut for an extra cost of 10€!